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Matter, the renowned electric vehicle manufacturer, has recently raised the prices of its Aera e-bike by a significant Rs 30,000, just a few months after its official launch. The Aera is currently offered in two variants: the 5000 and the 5000+. As a result of this price revision, the 5000 variant now costs Rs 1.74 lakh, while the 5000+ variant is priced at Rs 1.84 lakh.

Powerful Battery and Motor Performance

Both variants of the Aera e-bike are equipped with a liquid-cooled, 5kWh battery, which boasts a claimed real-world range of 125km. The liquid-cooled motor installed in the Aera is rated for a peak power output of 10.5kW, providing a robust performance. Weighing approximately 40kg, the battery complements the overall weight of the Aera, which tips the scales at around 180kg.

Innovative Features and Acceleration

Setting itself apart from other electric bikes, the Aera claims the title of being the first electric bike to feature a 4-speed gearbox. The company asserts that the Aera can achieve the impressive feat of accelerating from 0-60kph in less than 6 seconds, demonstrating its agility and speed.

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Impending Price Increase due to FAME-II Subsidy Reduction

Due to the reduction in the FAME-II (Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Electric Vehicles) subsidy, prices of all electric vehicles are expected to rise soon. However, Matter is currently offering a limited-time opportunity for prospective buyers. Those who pre-book the Aera before June 6 will be able to purchase it at the previous price, thus taking advantage of the earlier rate.

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In conclusion, Matter has increased the prices of its Aera e-bike models by Rs 30,000 shortly after the official launch. The Aera showcases remarkable performance through its 5kWh battery and liquid-cooled motor, making it a formidable contender in the electric bike segment. Furthermore, its 4-speed gearbox and swift acceleration further enhance its appeal. As the FAME-II subsidy faces a reduction, electric vehicle prices are set to surge. Nonetheless, customers can benefit from the limited-time offer of securing the Aera at the pre-revised price by pre-booking before June 6.

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