Five Tips to Cultivate the Habit of Reading

Reading is a cathartic activity that can offer several benefits that can change your life. It can help reduce stress, improve focus and concentration, expand your knowledge and vocabulary, and improve your cognitive skills. To promote the habit of reading, World Book Day is celebrated on April 23 every year. This day celebrates the existence of books, which are our best friends, and how one can kindle or rekindle the habit of reading.

Five Tips to Cultivate the Habit of Reading

Reading is an excellent habit to cultivate, but it can be challenging to get started. Here are five tips to help you cultivate the habit of reading:

Select Your Favorite Genre to Keep Your Interest Levels High

To get started, the first step is to select a genre that you like. From fiction and non-fiction to romantic, sci-fi, horror, mystery, action, and crime, there is a multitude of genres that one can read. However, to keep your interest levels high during the journey, it’s best to select a genre that you enjoy reading. Pick up a print that piques your curiosity and is easy to read initially.

Make Time for Reading: Start with Baby Steps

For starters, you can designate 15 minutes daily from your schedule for reading the book you have chosen and then gradually increase that time frame. You can also target a set number of pages to read in a day if that’s more suitable. As you make time, your mind will soon start adhering to the new habit without you finding excuses or needing motivation.

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Choose Physical Books Over E-Books for Better Reading Experience

E-books have become a trend among bibliophiles who love reading on the go. While it is all cool and common, beginners are advised to stick to physical books. Your eyes aren’t used to reading on-screen, which is why they are more prone to experience fatigue when you indulge in it. Also, a personal touch goes missing with it.

Refrain from Reading Voluminous Books

Just like anything new that you are up to, reading should also begin with baby steps. Meaning, it is best to commence with thin books and have a limited/small number of chapters so that you can finish them without any painstaking effort. Opting for a 150-pager is far better than going for a 500 one during the initial stages.

Sign Up for a Book Reading Challenge to Stay Motivated

Your dedication to reading books and achieving your monthly/yearly target may spruce up when you make a pact with your friends or family. Additionally, there are many online platforms where you can connect with fellow bibliophiles and participate in book-reading challenges. This will keep you motivated, instill a competitive spirit in you, and help you amp up your reading game time and again.

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